Best Physical Exercise for the Physically Disabled

 After getting an illness or an accident that leaves you disabled, you might think the best thing is to shut yourself out from the world. Firstly, you should apply for social security disability, then consider physical exercise. Instead, you should stay active because it’s essential for your mental and physical health.

Physical exercise will help keep your body, muscles, bones, and heart strong and improve your coordination. Regardless of your disability, you can participate in physical activity to prevent more chronic conditions like obesity, cancer, diabetes, and a heart condition.

Living with a broken body doesn’t mean you have to live a broken life. People with a disability can enjoy a healthy life, have a social life, and have time for leisure. Here are common physical exercises for people living with a disability.

Great and Manageable Exercises for People with Disabilities

Before starting any physical activity you should consult your physical therapist. They may supervise the exercise to begin with to ensure you’re strong enough. They will also advise you on the amount of activity safe for you.

Additionally, your physical therapist may design a treatment program using specific exercises. This will improve the quality of your life. Let’s check some helpful exercises.


Cycling is a common exercise for people with disabilities. Your therapist may advise using modified bikes. These bikes come with handlebars and special seats. The modified tricycles will help you with mobility; another person can push you when needed. You can search for cycling programs near you and learn about this competitive sport.


You can also sign up for adaptive golfing, played when a person is standing or sitting. The adaptive golf carts will help you stabilize your body while you swing. Some golf clubs have clinics to train people with disabilities on how to use adaptive golf equipment. They also train you how to play golf if you have paralysis, lost limbs, or have a problem hearing or seeing. You can check groups like Golf 4 disabled or Disabled Golf Association.


There is also adaptive swimming, which includes different swim strokes and distances. Regardless of your disability type, swimming can be your ideal adaptive exercise. With swimming, you don’t require special equipment. Check out the Paralympics sports club if you want a group to join.


Becoming disabled isn’t the end of the road. You can join the paddling sports, including rowing, kayaking, rafting, and canoeing. The equipment is modified with special positioning, making it safe for canoeing. There’s also a competitive sport in paddling sports. You can inquire or search for a group near you.

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball is a sport available for people with disabilities. It’s similar to basketballs but with a few variations. The sport is quite exciting and excellent for keeping you in shape. ‘

Sitting volleyball

This adaptive sport follows the same rule as stand-up volleyball, but the main difference is played when players sit on the ground. It’s played using a shorter net and a smaller court.


Disability can come with pain, but it doesn’t mean everything is gone. If you apply for social security disability, you can get the benefits that will help you adapt to your new life. Additionally, you can join an adaptive physical exercise sport to help you live a healthier life.

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