Busted: 5 Myths About The Flu (& Why They’re Nonsense)

You probably know someone who has a conspiracy theory about the COVID-19 virus, and therefore it’s more than likely you also know someone who has a couple of far fetched ideas about the common flu, too.

There are many myths floating around about influenza, from health standards  to vaccinations and everything else in between. But, alas, these are just myths, and we are here to disprove them to help you decide whether or not you should receive the likes of the highly effective Afluria Quad flu vaccine.

Check out these five myths about influenza and how they are disproved:

  • Healthy people don’t have to be vaccinated against influenza

Whilst it may be vital for people with chronic illnesses to vaccinate against influenza, it can never hurt for an incredibly healthy person to vaccinate themselves against the illness.

This is because even healthy people who lead incredibly active lifestyles can still find themselves experiencing the worst symptoms of the flu (nasty sore throat, bodily aches, runny nose – the works) and therefore may also want to protect themselves as much as possible from this nasty illness!

  • You only need the vaccine to protect yourself

Whilst a vaccine can go an incredibly long way to protecting yourself and others from influenza, it doesn’t end at receiving the vaccine. People should always remember to follow solid hygiene practises regardless of their vaccination status, as the combination of this with your vaccination will help you ward off the virus.

So, remember to continue to wash your hands thoroughly in the height of the season, avoid contact with people who are sick with influenza and maintain a healthy diet/drink plenty of liquids to keep your immune system running at full capacity.

  • You can’t spread influenza if you are feeling healthy

Many people think just because they are feeling fine that there is no chance of them spreading this nasty little illness. Well, we’re sorry to tell you that this simply isn’t the case.

Between 20% to 30% of people experiencing influenza will not actually have any symptoms, and may therefore be exposing others to the illness whilst thinking everything is a-okay.

Therefore, it’s important to still maintain proper precautions if you have been highly exposed to the flu, as this could be the difference between spreading the illness to others!

  • You don’t need to get a shot every year

Unfortunately, influenza is a shifty little virus, and one that loves nothing more than a good annual mutation. This means that you may want to get vaccinated every year as a means of protecting against the new mutations that would love nothing more than to surpass your old vaccination and make you sick once again!

  • You shouldn’t eat with the flu

Lacking healthy nutrition is not going to help you beat influenza. In fact, it will only work to do the opposite. Your body needs nutrition to fend off nasty viruses like influenza, so starving yourself during this period is simply not advised.

There is absolutely no reason to eat any more or less than when you first experienced the virus, as starving yourself will probably only have the opposite effect and may even prolong the virus.

What is important is to maintain healthy nutrition and, of course, drink plenty of liquids. Keep drinking water, as water goes a long way to defeating the virus and keeping you hydrated at a time when your body is losing a lot of fluids through the likes of a runny nose and excessive sweating.

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