Detoxing at Home – Is It Possible?

Some people are put off getting help for an addiction because they don’t want to go to hospital to detox.

Many people in England and Wales don’t seek help for their addiction at all. They either don’t think they can afford to go to a rehab clinic, or they do not want the stigma attached to going into rehab for an addiction. If you have been putting off going to rehab because you’re not sure about the detox process, then this article is designed to put your mind at ease.

Getting help for an addiction usually starts by going to your GP. The NHS offer a subsidised service which can help you get the rehab help you need. If you complete all of their outpatient programmes, then they will partially fund a stint in rehab on your behalf. All rehab starts with going through detox.

What Is Detox?

Detox is the process of becoming chemically clean. That is what drug and alcohol addicts must do before they can go into rehab proper. Detox means going through a period of abstinence from your drug of choice. Once you have gone through this, you will start to feel drug or drink withdrawal symptoms. These can range from sweats and shakes right up to heart attacks and delusions. The strength and ferocity of detox symptoms can lead medical professionals to advise you to go to a specialist clinic for detox.

The detox process is harder the longer you have been addicted to your substance for. It is harder if you are a frequent drink or drug user. Other factors which make detox go on for longer, include your genetic makeup and your ability to process those drugs. Those with a higher metabolism will process detox faster than those with a lower metabolism.

Do I Have to Detox in Hospital?

Typically, the NHS will advise you to go through detox in a rehab clinic. Specialist rehab clinics are better equipped to handle the detox process. They have medical staff who can prescribe medications that will make things easier for you. They have all the rehab treatment techniques needed to advise you on how best to proceed.

You can detox at home if you have a mild addiction. This will only work if a medical professional has judged you safe to proceed. A home detox kit can only be given if you are eligible, and the criteria can be strict. Home detox kits combine medications and strict instructions for you to detox safely. You must have someone with you for the first 72 hours at least. If you live alone, detox in a hospital or rehab clinic may suit you best.

Detox at a Clinic

Detoxing in a clinic is the best way to break free from drink or drugs. A rehab clinic is a specialist facility that has all you need to safely recover from your addiction. Better yet, you can transition easily into the rehab portion of your stay, where you can learn techniques to prevent future relapse. Getting off drugs or alcohol is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Detox is important, no matter where you do it.

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