Laser Care for Acne – 3 different options for you

With the advent of modern technology that we have today, every thing we do seems to be in an instant. Life becomes easier with forms of instant transportation, food, banking, marketing, and more. But for those who are looking for the fastest way to get rid of their acne and zits, then you should try laser care for zits. To learn more about this medical procedure, read on.

Various types of laser therapy

Blue light laser care

Blue light laser care for acne comes from the United States. Blue light treatment can be used for procedures that use blue light or for other laser treatments that emit visible light. Light seen can remove acne and moderate zits. However, if your problem is too much blackheads, whitehhead, cysts, or some nodules on the face, then this treatment is not suitable for you.

Infrared light treatment

Infrared light treatments use less visible light types. It is also used for other medical procedures such as painless surgery. Infrared laser care can get rid of mild to moderate acne and your acne. It can also clean your back from acne that is also there. Like blue light treatment, infrared light is not effective in removing cysts, nodules, and blackheads.

Photoopneumatic therapy

This treatment utilizes a strong pulsed laser light combined with a soft vacuum. This drug cleanses your skin by removing excess oil and sebum that is present on your face. It also removes dead skin cells and your pore unclogs. Unlike the two previous treatments, this laser technology can cure blackheads and whitehead but not nodules and cysts.

Guidelines for laser skin therapy:

Before you choose this type of treatment, make sure to consult your doctor first. He can recommend the best type of laser treatment according to your skin and the severity of your acne problem. If he is a dermatologist, he can also recommend clinics or other doctors working well with acne laser treatments.

Laser therapy is done in a series of sessions so make sure you will have time to finish everything. The session can take a maximum of 15 minutes and you may need to have this session at least once or twice a month.

Expect some side effects but they will also deteriorate after some time. You might feel the redness and sensation of tingling in your skin. Skin swelling can also occur and this can last for several days. You don’t need to worry when this happens because they are normal skin reactions.

To achieve the best results, attach your laser care for acne with a good skin care regimen. Make sure you clean the tone and moisturize your face at least twice a day. Avoid oily foods and don’t touch your face when your hands are dirty.

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