Skin light therapy for tomorrow is more confident

Today’s skin care for various skin problems is more effective, more effective, and easier than the old way with the discovery of new and modern techniques. Skin therapy is one of the new wonder treatments today developed for some of the most serious skin problems.

Light therapy, in general, has more medical applications than to treat skin diseases. However, therapy for skin problems using lights has been successful and helps rejuvenate the beauty industry. At present, women are more confident, and feel comfortable because some of the biggest leather problems are beaten by devices that release simple lights.

Leading the way is two tough drugs utilizing blue lights and red light treatments, each treats a separate set of skin problems that were once difficult to treat.

How to red and blue lights help your skin

The blue light process treats your pimples by just killing bacteria on the surface of the skin. This is a bacterium that helps cause acne developing on your skin. With acne, the excess oil (also called sebum) produced by the skin creates lesions on your facial skin.

With sebum, bacteria have found the ideal place to develop. When serious infections are arranged, the skin becomes the land of choice for those who are familiar to the entire face.

Red light skin therapy, on the other hand, helps by accelerating wound healing and helping to stimulate collagen production. It is also famous for its excellent anti-aging effects (and solutions) to lesions and pigmentation caused by sun damage.

This therapy is used along with blue light for acne because it helps accelerate wound healing with its collagen production.

What skin problems can be treated with light therapy

For skin problems, now there is light therapy, in turn consist of infrared light therapy and blue light procedures. Both therapies can be used together in combating acne scars and acne.

Sometimes, the blue light is used alone. This is very effective in activating 5 aminolevulinat acid (or ala) during treatment. During therapy, the skin is exposed to blue (417 Nm), which is quickly absorbed by bacteria that cause acne.

In bacteria, single oxygen and free radicals are produced. In turn, it destroys the same P. acnes bacteria. Red light devices can double as an alternative non-surgical elevator, all because they help keep your skin elasticity and firmness.

When used together with inflammatory acne and acne scars, blue lights and red light therapy are far more effective than when they do solo treatment. They are used primarily to fight teen and adult acne and acne scars. Blue light treatment is an effective skin rejuvenation technique used to trigger PDT (photodynamic therapy).

After the blue lights, the red light helps restore normal cellular function and promote skin rejuvenation. This is the same treatment of acne scars when targeting adolescent and adult acne needs. Red light therapy is also very effective in treating rosacea and eczema, two serious skin diseases.

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