Take care of your health

According to the World Health Organization, the health definition is ‘Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social welfare and not just lack of disease or weakness’. Caring for your health is a very broad term, which consists of physical, mental and psychosocial health.

To get better health, three important things – regular exercise, an adequate and balanced diet and right sleep.

There is no point in saying much about the value of training in our health. We must maintain a normal weight. The only way to achieve this is a combination of practice and diet. To start, let’s see, how can you exercise properly.

No need to go for a broad training program, it is not important for food supplements losing or gaining weight. Experts say that in more than 95% of cases, the efficacy of food supplementation is doubtful. All you need is for a rational and devotional training plan to exercise regularly. You can join multi-gym or you can set yourself in your home. In my opinion, the second choice is better because you will have privacy. Some modification of lifestyle will be better. You can try the following –

o Involve yourself to hobbies that require often sitting like painting and gardening.
o Try doing extra work work around your park and home. You can spend only 15-30 minutes more than your usual routine.
o When watching your favorite shows on television, riding a static bicycle is a good choice.
o Park your car as far as possible at your workplace, then walk fast.
o Take your pet for regular streets.
o Try to avoid cars or bicycles while going to closer destinations such as your department store and coffee shop.
o Actively take part in social meetings. Do more works than others.
o While spending quality time with children, you can play some outdoor games.
o When going for the night out, dancing in a discotheque is better than sitting with your friends with wine and alcohol.
o Don’t take the elevator while going to the 2 or 3 floors, use the stairs.
o Do not send emails to fellow colleagues in the same office; Instead, personally visit them with a smile. This will lift your PR (personal relations) too.

A balanced diet means it must contain all nutrients in the optimal quality and quantity. Take green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals, and seeds as much as possible. It’s better to avoid fine white flour, rice or sugar. The more food is processed, the less nutritious value. All wheat flour is always better because it gives the necessary fiber. Avoid drinking alcohol, tea or coffee. Abstinence of tobacco is a must to maintain your health. Avoid ‘comfortable food’ fried because it will add a lot of fat with your daily diet.

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