Various laser acne treatment procedures

Being one of the most common skin problems, acne is also one of the dilemmas with the amount of treatment procedures available. By choosing the right acne treatment, you can easily save your acne problem. There are many types of acne treatments from antibiotic use, recipe creams, to clinical and physical care. This article will focus on the last type.

Laser and light therapy is one of the most popular acne treatment procedures. The procedure in this category reaches a deeper layer of skin so that the recipe cream usually does not reach so they are more effective. One type of acne treatment below is blue light therapy. In this procedure, the skin with acne is exposed to blue light with low intensity that destroys P. acnes or bacteria that cause acne. What’s good with this procedure is that it doesn’t hurt and only has very lightweight side effects such as temporary and reddish drought. Usually finished after a series of sessions.

Other types of acne procedures are energy therapy and pulsating heat energy. Just like blue light therapy, this laser treatment also destroys P. acnes except that it uses pulsed light and heat energy. In addition to removing P. acnes, this treatment also shrinks the sebaceous gland to reduce oil production that has been associated with the development of previous acne.

Laser diode therapy is another acne treatment to try. This treatment uses a laser diode to get rid of the sebaceous gland in the thick center of the skin called dermis. The advantage of this treatment is that it does not cause damage to the outer layer of the skin so that the patient does not need to worry about having their epidermis damaged. Losses using this, however, is that care can be very painful.

If you want to use treatment with a combination of recipe maintenance and laser therapy, especially, then photodynamic therapy is for you. In this treatment, drugs referred to as photosensitization agents are applied to the skin to strengthen the effect of laser / light therapy. After the application, the skin is exposed to blue and a red pulsed light. The side effects are a little severe because skin cruses and flare-up acne can occur.

When choosing the best laser treatment for use, be sure to consider the type of your skin and the money you are willing for treatment.

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